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Cooking Kettle

Cooking Kettle

The Cooking Kettle is one of the most widespread machines used for cooking mixing at atmosferic pressure of different type of products such as tomato puree, sauces, ragout and dressings. The shape of the vessel is generally vertical while cooking takes place by steam. The machine is equipped with scraping paddles in order to avoid burns of the product on the bottom. This Inox-Fer cooking kettle is equipped with a heating and insulation capacity in order to heat the product within the desired period of time.
Inox-Fer Cooking Kettle can be customized according to the customer’s request. We know very well that each customer has specific standards to be respected for obtaining high quality sauces and dressings. In this regard, our cookers are designed and built starting from a customized technical study. Each cooking system is designed to guarantee the customer an advanced and long-standing production process without the presence of problems. Depending on the product to be treated and its use, the machine can be equipped with various options that make it unique in its kind:

  • provide for different levels of automation and accessory components
  • scaffold mounting
  • automated loading and unloading of ingredients
  • possibility to control the various processing phases including mixing through a new generation PLC with touchscreen interface
  • tilting option with horizontal or vertical agitator
  • loading cells
  • automated washing cycle

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