The Piston Filler is extremely flexible in handling liquid or viscous products, with or without pieces. The special filling technology makes it suitable for rigid containers in various materials, such as glass jars, plastic bottles or tinplate cans.

This filler reaches speeds of up to 1700 cpm (containers per minute).

Product contact parts are constructed in AISI 316 stainless steel and in strong food grade plastic material.

The rotary valve version may be distinguished in filling liquid or viscous products, such as, marmalade and ketchup, whilst the vertical valve version (ZACMI patent) is the ideal solution for more delicate products such as baby food or pate, as well as the perfect solution for products containing pieces. Furthermore, the highest precision in hygiene standards are guaranteed by a completely automatic washing system, without the need to dismantle any parts.

New waterproof protection guards are available for easy and complete cleaning, access to utilities and for easy maintenance.

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