Tropical Food Machinery has been recently recognized with the 2021 International Foodtec Award in Silver by the Board of Directors of the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft for the innovative project of our patented automatic banana peeler: Cerere has a working capacity of 6 T/h of banana and an extraction yield of 60%. Cerere will guarantee a precise automatic peeling system and a reduced use of workforce, processing of the pulp in inert atmosphere with anti-oxidant treatment, a constant productivity and an excellent final quality. Briefly, the industrial and technological advantages offered by Cerere are: A) Employment of only 10-15 operators for the operations related to sorting and loading of the banana hands. B) Quick automatic banana peeling. The peeling is performed instantly, guaranteeing a clear separation of peel and pulp. C) Constant cleaning with water of the surfaces in contact with the product. D) No contact between pulp and oxygen. E) Anti-oxidant treatment.

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