Medical Oil-free pistons compressors

Over 40 years of experience in the compressed air sector, combined with constant investment in innovation, are the basis for the development of CLINIC AIR by GENTILIN srl oil-free piston compressors. Designed to provide maximum performance in critical applications and sectors such as medical, dental, food & beverage and pharmaceuticals, both SMART and CLINIC SERIES compressors guarantee continuous use (24/7) without thermal stops due to overheating, a powerful air flow, and an ultra-quiet operation. Powered by cutting edge AXXER MOTION technology, wear-and-tear is reduced to a minimum thanks to an axial piston motion that elminates radial forces. Tanks are internally epoxy coated or electropolished stainless steel that along with state-of-the-art drying and sterilization systems push air purification parameters to new heights. Bottom line: effective oil-free Class 0 air flow. MADE IN ITALY; 3-YEAR WARRANTY.


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