Want a job well done?
Then use higher quality instruments that will enhance your knowledge and expertise. You will achieve top quality, beautiful results, in a shorter time.
These are the guidelines of DenTag – Maniago production.
In the early 1950’s knives and scissors were our first production.
The founders soon realized that the market offered new and interesting opportunities in other sectors, so they shifted their focus on the production of high-quality dental and surgical instrumentation.
Through the years, DenTag – Maniago has been working together with Universities and dental professionals in order to adjust and fine tune its production to the needs and demand of a constantly changing and increasingly demanding market. As a result of this policy, business grew in both Italian and foreign markets.
We monitor every detail, from beginning to end
Thanks to the focus on quality, DenTag – Maniago produces dental and surgical instrumentation for several companies in Italy and abroad
It’s all done by us, proudly 101% Italian Quality
Today we can say that in the world DenTag is synonymous to production of high-quality dental and surgical instrumentation.
This is confirmed by the increase in the percentage of exported products, over 80% of the total production.
We pursuit the Evolution of the species keep innovating and updating our production cycle and lines of products.



Aspirating Periosteal

Aspirating Periosteal

An Innovative Medical Device
Brilliant, easy and functional innovation to improve the sinus membrane elevation’s speed and safety. Designed, manufactured and certificate by DenTag - Maniago

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EVO Line  - Evolution of Species

EVO Line - Evolution of Species

We constantly receive requests for lighter yet nonetheless reliable instruments, such as stainless-steel ones.  Since we cannot change the material used for the tips, to cut down the weight we can only work on the handles.

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NERA – No need for resharpening

NERA – No need for resharpening

Resharpen dental instruments, especially smaller ones, has always been a major challenge for all users (doctors, dentists, or assistants), because very few can carry out this task, that requires very good manual skills, without compromising the integrity of the instrument itself.

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