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Complete aseptic lines

Ing.A.Rossi provides complete aseptic sterilizing and filling lines for the treatment of fruit and tomato puree, concentrates, juices, drinks, soups, baby food, nectars, vegetables.

Sterilizers available depending on the product to be treated:

- Two-tubes, four-tubes and multi-tube sterilizers

- Scraped surface sterilizers

- Steam injection sterilizers

- Flash coolers

Aseptic filling machines:


For bag in drum 220 lt – bag in bins 1200 lt , web bags from 3 to 20 litres and goodpack 1500 lt.

Suitable for low and high pH products. Suitable for filling paste, puree , juices, diced products and pieces, thanks to a 2” product dosing valve, which preserves the quality and texture of your finished product.

The design is completely hygienic and developed in compliance to EHEDG and 3A guidelines.

Aseptic chamber is pressurized with sterile air and the movement is fully electrical.


High speed Aseptic web bag-in-box filler.

The fastest machine in the market, suitable for liquid, viscous and with pieces products, with High and low acidity, in web  bags from 3 to 20 liters.

Alya can be configured with different modules, before and after the filling phase, like drying tunnel, bag in box packing monoblock and many more.


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