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White truffle flavoured Balsamic Condiment

Condiment made of cooked grape musts of trebbiano and lambrusco grapes and enriched with white truffle aroma aged in wooden barrels of different types for several years: oak, chestnut, juniper, cherry, acacia, ash tree and mulberry, creating an explosion of smells, aromas and colours.

Each wooden barrel is open to allow the product’s concentration by natural evaporation. Every year the product is transferred from a wooden barrel to another to acquire the typical smells and woody tastes.

With a complex structure, this sweet-sour condiment is pleasantly acid at the beginning, to become sweeter and with agreeable white truffle hints. Very creamy and thick, it is velvety at palate, with fruity, spicy and truffle notes.

Characterized by a sweet and persistent aftertaste, it is perfect to enrich risotto and fresh pasta, omelettes and eggs, raw or cooked vegetables, potatoes, grilled and boiled meat, etc…

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