Alya aseptic filler

ALYA, is a state-of-the-art aseptic filler, intended for high-speed filling in an aseptic environment of pre-sterilized bags in sizes from 3 to 20 liters. It can treat a wide range of fluid products and with pieces, with high and low acidity. The technological innovations introduced in the machine, permit it to reach a higher speed than the alternatives on the market, with the highest level of filling precision and the management of innovative packaging, suitable for products with high added value. Alya also allows you to manage any type of 1” and 2 ”cap on the market. These features place the new model at the top of the market range, completing the wide range of Ing.A.Rossi products aimed at the aseptic world. It is possible to configure Alya according to your needs by adding different modules before and after filling, for example the bag feeder, the CIP system, the bag draining belt, the drying tunnel, bag-in box packaging monoblock.

Among its strengths, Alya can count on:

1) The use of brushless motors which allow, thanks to their high dynamics, to drastically reduce the handling times of the bags through the machine and therefore to achieve high production capacities.

2) Two configurations for sterilization:

            - steam sterilization for high acid ph <4.5 products

            - sterilization with disinfectant for low acid ph products> 4.5

3) Two filling configurations: single or twin head to halve filling times and increase production capacity.

4) The plates transport the cap into the sanitization tunnel, providing the right exposure to the disinfectant steam and allowing a low consumption of peroxide, to obtain an effective sterilization of any shape of cap at any speed.

5) The filler is configured to receive the product from multiple aseptic lines according to the customer's needs. Alya can be inserted in an existing line and included or excluded without stopping the production.

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