Designed for storing powder products for the food industry, these silos come in two different construction options: either with panels bolted from the inside or a large one-piece structure welded from the outside.

One-piece silos for outdoor use guarantee high storage capacity due to diameter and height, whereas silos made of panels are mostly used to fully exploit the space available indoor.

Both types are designed according to the customer’s needs, are made of stainless steel sheet and guarantee great antistatic properties.

Advantages compared to conventional systems storing raw materials in sacks:

  • Reduction of personnel and machinery for handling raw materials
  • Rapid storage and consistent quality in dosing
  • Automated distribution of raw materials to the point of use in the production line
  • No special waste
  • Checking and weighing of stored loads and reduction of waste   

Stainless steel silo advantages and cost reduction benefits:

  • Storage external to the premises and less warehouse space needed
  • Long service life
  • High storage capacity up to 150 cu m
  • Nice look given by stainless steel

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