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Chemetator units is a scraped surface heat exchanger designed for the production and crystallization of margarines and shortenings. From pilot plant scale through to manufacturing line of 20.000 kg/hour and with product pressure rating up to 150 bar, these exchangers are the most modern available in today’s marketplace. The systems are fully enclosed in hygienic cabinets making them extremely quiet, very clean as well as easy to maintain. Ammonia, Freon or Carbon Dioxide can be used as direct expansion refrigerants.

The line can be composed by the following equipment:

  • Preparation/mixing tanks,
  • Plate pasteurizers,
  • Piston pump,
  • Chemetator,
  • Pin worker unit,
  • Resting tube (depending on the product),
  • Wrapping machine,
  • Case packer.

Chemetators up to 2.000 kg/hr in capacity;

  • Glycol refrigeration systems;
  • Automatic wash-out plate systems Oscillating base frames;
  • CIP systems;
  • SCADA control systems and full automation.

Oscillating units, that can be single or twin type (depending of the flowrate), is designed for the gelatine industry, have a unique oscillating base frame for the Chemetator heat exchangers in order to transfer noodles to the dryer belt in the most hygienic fashion. Chemtech supplies all of the usual ancillaries including – Hygienic high pressure feeding pump.

The heat exchanges can be equipped with inclined extrusion tubes, combined with perforate plates for the production of gelatine noodles.

The perforated plates permit an optimal drying on a drying belt before final product grinding. Extruded noodles break under their own weight and fall onto the drying belt.

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