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Syrup room

Syrup room

TMCI Padovan Syrup rooms are designed for CSD, non CSD, fruit juices, water of any kind, and many more products. Our syrup room are generally composed by different equipment, such as:

  • Syrup prearation: batch or continuous sugar dissolver, sugar heater, bag filter.
  • Sugar decoloration system: carbon dosing tank, reaction tank, Kieselgur filter sugar heat exchanger for cooling.
  • Final syrup preparation: syrup storage tanks, aroma dosing tanks, in-line blenders, final beverage mixing tanks.
  • Various equipment to complete the syrup room: premix, flash pasteurizer, tunnel, CIP units, deaerators, carbonators, homogenizers.

TMCI Padovan also produces high hygienic lines, such as aseptic line, complete with equipment that permit maintaining all the required standards imposed by the customer.

We allow you to create a customized automation system at all levels, depending on the needs identified with our specialists and final users, as well as the Tele Service, a software developed internally for interventions in real time.

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