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Dr Sugar Dissolving System

Dr Sugar Dissolving System

Sugar dissolving system – DR System – has been designed to dissolve sugar and work with low viscosity blends, as well. The system is a compact unit that is equipped with a removable bag holder by the hopper. Sugar is one of the most important dry ingredients for many products such as soft drinks and juices and it requires a tailored dissolving system according to the customer’s needs.
Our DR system for sugar can be combined with pasteurisation of the sugar solution, storage tanks, other treatments and options if needed -> look into ProMix.

Operating Principle

Based on the principle of hydrodynamic paradox a centrifugal pump draws the fluid from the tank by creating a double Venturi effect under the hopper.
The sugar contained in the hopper is drawn in and pushed into the liquid at a very powerful rate to ensure perfectly homogeneous mixing. Once the product is dissolved, the mixture is kept in recirculation inside the tank for a few minutes to secure greater homogeneity. At this point, it is transferred to the next point of use by the same pump.

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