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Zucchi European Union Sustainable EVOO

Zucchi Heritage is the first European Union Extra Virgin Olive Oil from certified sustainable sourcing.

The sustainability certification includes more than 150 requirements that cover the entire supply chain—from farm to mill, to processing at Zucchi’s plant. It is founded on respect for the environment and for workers’ rights and opportunities, as well as fair wages for individual labor. Transparency in selection of the sources of raw materials ensures consumers receive an excellent product, with stricter standards than those prescribed by law.

The production process of these oils is transpa­rent throughout the supply chain, and thanks to the QR code on each bottle, consumers can discover the origin of the blend, the olive cultivars and the sustainability reports that support Zucchi’s claims.   

Skilled Zucchi blendmasters perfectly blend oils from different cultivars and origins to create products with unique flavor profiles that encourage consumers to prepare recipes in new ways and savor the gifts of a superior olive oil.  

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