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Prosciutto crudo Rosalto con sale rosa dell’Himalaya

The addition of Himalayan pink salt enriches the long ageing process of this cured raw ham, giving it a unique flavour with savoury, fruity and floral notes.

-          Size: 7,5 kg

-          Minimum ageing: 18 months

-          Boneless, round-shaped, No preservatives, 100% Italian

Prosciutto is the flagship of Italian cured meat production and has a long history and some special names. Some varieties of this prosciutto have obtained the recognition of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for their quality and their deep relationship with the region they come from.

Unlike many other cured meats, prosciutto is obtained from a single selected pork cut: the thigh of the hind limb. This is dry-processed, salted and subsequently aged. When sliced, prosciutto has an intense and fragrant aroma, while the flavour varies according to salting and ageing.

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