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PLUSS saliva ejectors

Why choosing the PLUSS saliva ejectors? They are entirely made in Italy being produced in our factories in Tuscany.

  • They are class IIA certified and manufactured in compliance with the law requirements.
  • They are perfectly round.
  • Once bent, they hold the required shape.
  • The immovable tip is designed to steadily stay on the tube thanks to some inner hooks holding it strongly during the use to avoid any accidental falls. The operator has to apply a considerable effort to remove it.
  • High-quality and totally non-toxic raw materials are only used.

The immovable tip is fastened to the ejector without using glue or other toxic substances.

Our patented system eliminates any traces of glue or dangerous substances from the saliva ejectors through high-performance and safe production and clamping systems.

Non-toxic Fused-in Wire
The only glue-free wire.

Our metal wire is fused into the ejector during the plastic extrusion process, thus ensuring the highest tube flexibility without risking it slacking.

3D Secure Cap Lock Non-toxic Immovable Tip

Our immovable tip.
The tip is mechanically attached to the ejector through the perfect interlocking of hooks integrated into the tip mould. The ejector does not allow the tip to come off, blocking its position persistently.

Fully manufactured in our factories in Tuscany.

High-quality and wholly non-toxic raw materials are only used.

Class IIA certification and manufacturing in compliance with the requirements of Law.

14 colours, 2 different lengths.

Pack with 100 pieces
Carton with 50 packs
(+50% than competitors)

Patented decontamination of each 100-pcs bag holding a safety seal.

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