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Millefoglie di Matilde: Bocconcini Milk and Chocolate cream

A bite-size puff pastry cookie filled with irresistible chocolate and milk cream.

With 192 crispy and delicate layers of puff pastry and just a light layer of premium butter, our inimitable “Chocolate Bocconcini and Milk Cream Bocconcini” are among the most popular desserts in Italy.
Our crisp and fragrant puff pastry is the only puff pastry on the market composed of 192 layers.
Our careful selection of raw materials and particular focus on traditional techniques shine through unmistakably in the finished product.
Crispy delight at first bite, tantalizing the entire palate – the highest form of expression of Italian pastry.
Moreover, the special metallic golden packaging, preserves this delicate, high-quality pastry from light exposure, which can modify the organoleptic characteristics of the product.
Millefoglie di Matilde Vicenzi are ideal as a dessert or with afternoon tea to share with loved ones

Our products are available in various pack sizes and premium solutions.

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