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Cold extraction

If it is necessary to obtain high quality and fruit or vegetable purees, Ing. A. Rossi proposes as an alternative to the traditional hot extraction, a cold extraction to be placed before the enzymatic deactivation phase.

To ensure maximum product taste and colour preserving, cold extraction is applied in three distinct stages of choppering, extraction and inactivation. The fruit passes through a system capable of facilitating the breaking of the pulp and separation from the stones and finally arrives at the cold extraction where the elimination of skins, seeds and stones takes place.

The main advantages of Ing.A. Rossi turbo extractors are the following:


- Special rotor design, which maximizes extraction performance;

- Significant increase in the life cycle of the blades, thanks to the application of special alloys and the application of rollers to the rotor without welding;

- Possibility to set the distance between the blade and the sieve without stopping the machine;

- Possibility to set the rotation speed of the machine up to 2,000 rpm (depending on the model);

- Possibility of perfecting any type of product thanks to the customized configuration of the rotor and the sieve (together with the variation of the operating parameters of the speed and the distance between the blades and the sieve);

- Efficient automatic washing system;

- Possibility of working with independent or serially connected bodies according to the type of product;

- Removable blade rotor with the possibility of replacing worn blades and not the entire  rotor.

- Bidirectional rotor able to rotate in both directions, both clockwise and counterclockwise. This feature allows each sieve to be used for double the time compared to conventional extractors with a clear reduction in wear costs.


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