I-TECH LITE is a complete system, specially developed under consideration of all the needs in implantology and surgery: design, Touch Screen, LED LITE, powerful performance and precise functionality.
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Display Touch Screen 4.3"
4.3” glass touch-screen intuitive control panel for user-friendly piloting of all programs. Select personalized settings, display information just the way you want and enjoy simple yet precise implantology unit control

Powerful Motor - L.E.D. Lighting
80 Ncm (at the instrument) of pure power for all clinical performances
STERILIZABLE:  135°C (275°F) guaranteed up to 1000 sterilization cycles.
ATS LED’s generate natural daylight-quality light to illuminate the treatment area enabling more precise surgery and shortened operation times.  Constant intensity at both High and Low speed - White Light - Clear color contrasts.

Power and Accurate
is a small tabletop unit for implantology that combines the power of a BRUSHLESS motor with a user friendly. All necessary treatment stages of implantology can be carried out safely and precisely using just one contra-angle 20:1.
I-TECH LITE is equipped with Contra-Angle calibration: the precision of the motor is adapted to the contra-angle connected.
I-TECH LITE also delivers the highest standards of ergonomics and flexibility.
The motor torque is 80 Ncm and the motor speed range is 400 – 40,000 rpm (20 - 2000 with 20:1 contra-angle).

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