The demand of aseptic valves is increasing thanks to the wide range of applications from pharma to tomato and dairy industries. Bardiani aseptic valves range features a new diaphragm in Gylon® which ensures maximum operating performance and improved valve efficiency.

Thanks to the excellent cleanability and the greater performance of diaphragm, the aseptic valve range ensure maximum reliability.


  • BBWP1 Aseptic pneumatic single seat valve
  • BBWM1 Aseptic manual single seat valve
  • BBWT1 Aseptic single seat valve with twin stop
  • BBWS11- BBWS51 Aseptic by-pass valves
  • BBWO1-BBWOG1 Aseptic tank bottom single seat valves
  • BBWK1 - BBWPM1 Aseptic modulating valves
  • BWAW3 Aseptic double seal valve

Main benefits

  • 100% aseptic: ideal for sterile applications thanks to total isolation of the components in contact with the product
  • Maximum hygiene and reliability
  • Greater performance of diaphragm: operating pressure up to 10bar and operating temperature up to 150 °C
  • Easy maintenance without use of special tools
  • Maximum versatility thanks to the various configurations available

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