A unique and functional product, the BBZQ valve is characterized by the thickness of the bodies and the actuator diameters which have been increased so that the valves can be used in processes where pressures of up to 150bar are required.

The strength of these valves is their sturdiness: each component is made from solid bar.

The BBYQ version with steam barrier ensures safe separation between the product and the external environment. It is used for applications where sterility, aseptic conditions or high sterilization temperatures are required.

Bardiani Valvole is the only manufacturer which can offer a high-pressure valve (150bar), 3A Sanitary standards certified.

Other variants:

  • BBZMQ Manual operated high-pressure valve.
  • Steam barriers can be with steam flow only on valve shaft (standard application) or with steam flow on valve shaft and between flanges (on request).
  • Made to measure options: hydraulic damper, parabolic shutter, stroke limiter, pressure regulator.

      Main benefits:

  • Unique: the only high-pressure valve – up to 150 bar – with 3A certification
  • Simplified maintenance for significant time savings and increased efficiency
  • Modular and flexible: conversion to aseptic with steam barrier (BBYQ) with no changes in dimensions
  • Sturdiness: valve bodies made from solid bar
  • Serviceable actuator
  • 3A certified

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