WE BOX is a new project suitable for the packing of 3-5-10-20 l. bags, developed by FBR ELPO to complete the possible solutions to couple its Bag in Box series to a cartoning line. 

In the new WE BOX cartoning machine, the carton forming unit, the carton packing unit and the carton closing unit are installed in a single structure. The bags of 3-5-10-20 l are sent from the aseptic Bag in Box filler to the carton packaging section, where each phase is run electronically. 

The carton forming machine is managed by a fast and innovative robotic system allowing a quick format change. 

The carton can be closed only with tape, only with glue or with both solutions. The warehouse of empty carton with wich the machine is equipped, can be placed on three of the four available sides and it is possible to adjust its capacity.

The result is a simple and compact stainless steel monoblock, with easy and fast maintenance and compact dimensions. 

The outgoing cartons filled with 3, 5, 10 or 20 l bags are ready to be sent to the palletization.

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