BlancOne® HOME

BlancOne® HOME

Take home tray whitening system

Offer patients BlancOne HOME, the new home whitening treatment which, thanks to its two-component formulation is quickly activated allowing thus faster applications compared to the traditional systems, guaranteeing top results in a very short time and with fewer applications. Finally, comfort of the daily treatments and guaranteed effectiveness even in a few hours’ sleep!

Triple action: in addition to the whitening action, the gel contains micronized hydroxyapatite which, during the treatment bonds to the enamel repairing and reinforcing it. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid, the gel creates a barrier which nourishes and protects the gums.

Gentle to the oral cavity: the low viscosity gel minimizes dehydration of the enamel limiting sensitivity issues and, thanks to its physiological pH (5.6 – 6.0), is not aggressive towards mucous membranes and enamel, minimizing the risk of irritation of the gingival tissues. Define the most suitable BlancOne HOME treatment for you patients’ needs. You can choose in fact between the two versions available:

·         BlancOne HOME DAY Day-time treatment (2 – 3 hours): 16% Carbamide (HP 5.6%)

·         BlancOne HOME NIGHT Night-time treatment (overnight): 10% Carbamide (HP 3.5%)

Length and effectiveness of DAY and NIGHT treatments:

Typical improvement: 6/7 shades
Repetition: once a year

Typical improvement: 4/5 shades
Repetition: 2/4 times per year

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