The Ot Bridge system allows the dental team to easily convert an existing low profile Ot Equator implant-supported overdenture case into an esthetic, fixed, screwed-retained prothesis.This is accomplished using Ot Equator’s blind thread as its own MUA primary connection along with its stabilizing Seeger Retentive Ring.This minimally invasive conversion procedure requires little or no bone reduction and achieves excellent esthetics and exceptional functionality over conventional overdenture attachments.In addition, OT Bridge components can overcome implant divergence up to 80 degrees in extreme cases. OT Bridge work can be cast or fabricated using CAD/CAM.The complete versatility offered by this solution allows the dentist to work on ALL the different implant brands and platforms counting on the perfect compatibility of the OT Equator titanium abutments (available in multiple gingival heights).

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