Vermouth di Torino Riserva del Palio

Vermouth di Torino Riserva del Palio

Production area: Piedmont

Wine used: Italian grapes

Ingredients: wine, sugar and a wide range of plant parts are used: from flowers to flower buds, from fruits to peels, seeds, barks, leaves and roots.  

Production techniques: more than twenty herbs and spices are macerated individually for over a month, the spices are left to rest for several weeks, so that after the necessary waiting time and after the pressing, a superb extract is obtained from the filtration.  

Alcohol: 16.5% Vol.

Colour: amber

Bouquet: Intense, aromatic, with hints of vanilla, bitter orange, bergamot, chamomile and gentian

Taste: Dolce, with a pleasant bitter aftertaste

Food pairings: excellent as an aperitif, or as a base for classic cocktails. Serve chilled.

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