Crisp Tortilla

Crisp Tortilla

Bar Italia Aperitivo Italiano presents the Crisp Tortilla line with cheese, barbecue, chili and natural flavors.The Crisp Tortilla Blue Corn are the plus of the Fox Italia Snack line.
Tasty and crunchy tortillas, made with three simple ingredients: blue corn, oil and salt.
The raw materials are rigorously selected and the manufacturing processes controlled to guarantee the naturalness of the products.
The Crisp Tortilla Fox Italia Snacks are available in 450 gr packs. And Bar packaging.

Tortilla blue corn 300gr Tortilla nacho cheese 40gr Tortilla blue corn 40gr Tortilla round salt 450gr Tortilla lightly salted 40gr Tortilla chili 450gr Tortilla cheese 450gr Tortilla salt 450gr Tortilla barbecue 450gr Tortilla sweet chili 40gr

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