Pasteurizing and cooling tunnels

Pasteurizing and cooling tunnels

Ing.A.Rossi and Aronpak design, develop and produce a wide range of pasteurization and cooling tunnels for food and beverage products in cans, glass or plastic containers.

Thanks to our know-how, it’s possible to study tailor made projects, planning layout and size customized accordingly product, capacity, process, type of containers and space available in the plant, giving design with single deck or double deck, with removable and modular modules, in order to reach precise temperatures for heating and for cooling, providing the best solution to the customer.


  • Ability to handle multiple containers sizes with few modification
  • Closed conveyor belt/rollers with multiple termical treatment sections
  • Modular design for efficient use of spaces
  • Simple and energy efficient design.

Availbles processes:

  • Pasteurization-Cooling
  • Holding-Cooling
  • Cooling
  • Pre-Heating

Product that can be handled: 

Tomato Concentrate, Tomato Sauces, Passata And Tomato Juices, Fruit Pulp, Jams And Marmalades, Fruit Juice, Pickles, Baby Foods, Convenience Food, Drinks, Beers, Carbonated Drinks, Juices and Soft Drinks

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