THOR pre-concentrator

THOR pre-concentrator is widely applied in tomato processing, but it can also be used for raw materials such as fruit, vegetables and low viscosity juices. These also include products with a high fiber content and with solid particles that have a moderate tendency to deposit on the heat exchanger tubes.

Proven applications include: tomato juice, cloudy and clear apple juice, pomegranate, carrot, black carrot, cherry and black cherry. Potential applications include: lemon and orange, pineapple and other low viscosity juices.

THOR pre-concentrator comes in 3 different versions, to best adapt to the customer's requests and to the properties of each product that is processed:

Falling film THOR pre-concentrator:

For tomato juices, cloudy or clear juices

This model is characterized by a delicate single-pass falling film evaporation, low temperatures and a low residence time of the product in the evaporator. As a result, excellent final quality and high energy savings are achieved.

THOR mixed flow pre-concentrator:

For tomato juice, puree, peeled tomatoes, cubes and tomato pulp.The main advantages of this system are high flexibility, adjustable working capacity and accurate ° Bx control. The long-lasting production cycles (over 40 days) ensure, in this case, products of superior quality.

 "MVR" and "TVR"

Both configurations can be equipped with Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) systems or with Vapor Recompression Turbine(TVR) that minimize the amount of steam required for operation, allowing significant savings in operating costs and a lower environmental impact. and a reduction in the water requirement for the condenser. It allows to reach a zero consumption of heating steam with exceptional results in terms of savings.

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