CHEF-multifunctional rotative cooker

CHEF-multifunctional rotative cooker

CHEF is a multifunctional and modular cooker suitable for the preparation of various types of sauces, gravies, condiments, jams and filling for pastry. It was developed in accordance with the most stringent hygiene regulations to allow the most demanding customers a high quality product. The control system, through a simple and intuitive interface, allows a totally automatic management of the preparation recipes, with the double advantage of drastically reducing the possibility of errors and reducing the operating cost.

Chef 3000 allows you to dose and use various ingredients (powders, solids in pieces, liquids), according to different recipes.

With the same machine it is possible to cook the product in a homogeneous and uniform way thanks to the rotating coil. Cooking can be carried out both at atmospheric pressure and under vacuum.

The powder ingredients can be loaded through a vacuum hopper, the solid ingredients in pieces are fed through trays of configurable dimensions according to the customer's needs while, the liquid ingredients are "pumped" through the connections complete with valves according to the number of products requested by the customer.

CHEF is also equipped with:

  • Refractometer to accurately manage the concentration of the product as in any evaporator forced by Ing.A. Rossi
  • Automatic group for steam injection, complete with temperature transmitter, pneumatic valve for steam
  • capacity adjustment, manual valve, filter and condensate discharge system.
  • Cleaning system with water sprayer and CIP
  • Supporting frame with access platform, stairs and railings

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