Curiosity is the first optical sorting machine born to achieve the totally hygienic compliance according to the EHEDG guidelines. This sorting machine combines innovation, essential design and latest vision technology, it perfectly meets the needs of safety and quality control, hygienic operation, easy and quick sanitation.

Guided by our powerful UNYCO software, Curiosity can detect all the defects you are looking to reject, while caring for the good part.
A vibratory shaker built in the machine conveys the product to a vertical chute ensuring a consistent trajectory.

Curiosity is hollow-tube “free”. It is designed to make the sorting machine easy to clean to prevent the entry, survival and proliferation of microorganisms.
All surfaces are designed to avoid water pooling and they are self-draining. They are also easily cleanable with mechanical action during washing and sanitation procedures used to prevent biofilm formation.

Even the standard lamp alarm has been replaced to avoid any unnecessary element around the machine. In its place 4 light displays are located in each corner of the sorter, to ensure clear and immediate identification of any alarm message.

The open frame shape allows any cable to be wired, avoiding the presence of not-hygienic wire clumps. Each cable can be easily sanitized without the use of tools.

Curiosity is equipped with a ESP system to maintain the belt aligned and properly tensioned.

It has been totally redesigned minimizing the number of components, drain shaped and to work more precisely. A smart frame design allows disassembly of the sorting belt in no more than 5 minutes, WITHOUT THE USE OF ANY TOOL.

Everything is designed to help the user to achieve the highest level of hygiene on a daily basis.

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