THE EVOLUTION CONCEPT: Thermoforming machines tailor-made for MAP and VACUUM PACKAGING

Entire in-house manufacturing process for customized solutions

Forming station, tray filling, vacuum / MAP, sealing and cutting stations are the rock solid hardware of each thermoforming machine. Entire in-house manufacturing process with premium raw materials through high performance tooling equipment, vanguard electronic software, hand-made electric assembly and marathon trials gateway: the outcome is a heavy-duty thermoforming machine that withstands the most difficult environmental conditions.AISI 304L and 316L stainless steel, high-precision calibration systems, flatness measurement of every single detail and thermodynamic stress tests are the foundation of our quality control, to ensure total reliability.The digital touch screen technology allows a simple and intuitive setting of the thermoformer, and production itself can be checked through management board integrated with brushless motors to ensure a precise and silent performance. It’s all about the cutting: the sharpest knives will reveal a bulletproof-dropout: never such a perfection of the shape could be achieved without the maniacal seeking of excellence.

Exceptional technology

Our packaging lines are in compliance with the strict U.S.A. 3A standards (Sanitary Standard Design) and USDA laws in force and TPM (Total Performance Management) Technology & Features, as a foolproof instrument to ease all the operations concerning machine maintenance and status for a constant control of the mechanical components also during the most intense production rounds.

Absolute hygiene

Stainless steel INOX AISI 304L and 316L and sanitation program is provided as a standard on all machines for an accurate machine cleaning and a long lasting of all components. The shaping of the smooth surfaces increases the fluid run-off. Superior hygiene and machine sanitation features are guaranteed as a trademark.


  • PICK and PLACE


  • Substantial reduction of the unit cost of each package compared to the expensive alternatives: preformed trays and preformed pouches. It allows to run diversified production rounds, as well in terms of product shape, since the mold change-over times and its set-up are low and flexible.
  • Customized tray shape every shape is possible just manufacturing a tailor made mould. Multiple shapes can be installed on the same machine.
  • Hourly production increased compared to the pre-formed trays or pouches, achievable through to the multi-cavity configuration of the thermoforming machine.
  • Achievement of absolute vacuum and lowest oxygen residual in every tray, essential to maximize product shelf life.
  • Option to run both flexible and rigid films (under vacuum or ATP packaging) and to get multiple customized shapes of packaging on the same machine;
  • Reduction of warehouse storage space and management costs of the preformed packaging. With thermoforming, it all start from a reel: process and materials are optimized for cost effectiveness.
  • Total flexibility packaging image. Chance to implement brand new packaging shapes in record time using custom moulds produced by TECNOSISTEM in just few days by fast prototype development.

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