98% ZINC 400 ML

98% ZINC 400 ML

It is a cold galvanizer with high molecular weight (Sku Z353). It chemically solidifies producing a long-lasting metal coating. It protects all metal surfaces as iron, aluminum, steel from oxidation or of ferrous metallic structures, pipelines, eaves, enclosures, job tools. It forms a resistant layer which can be painted or left as a final protection. It offers exceptional resistance to weathering in difficult conditions. It is ideal for retouching, finishing, and repairing galvanized parts.


Carefully clean the surface to be treated, eliminating encrustations and traces of rust with synthetic thinner. If necessary, sand with abrasive paper. Turn the can upside-down and shake well until the marbles move freely inside. To avoid dripping apply twice from a distance of about 20-30 cm. Once finished, spray for 2-3 seconds with the can upside- down to clean the valve and allow for future use.

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