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OMEGA IMPLANT «Plus» is complete system, developed, engineered and manufactured in Italy, specifically designed with all the power and functionality needed for intelligent and precise implantology and surgery. It is a powerful Implant Motor with an easy and simply to use integrated coolant pump, equipped with LED light and a reliable and convenient Autoclavable Brushless motor guaranteed up to 1000 cycles.
OMEGA IMPLANT «Plus» is a compact tabletop unit for implantology that combines the power of a BRUSHLESS motor with a user friendly. All necessary treatment stages of implantology can be performed safely and precisely using just one 20:1contra-angle.
OMEGA IMPLANT «Plus» is equipped with Contra-Angle calibration. This function ensures safe treatment
through accurate torque correction. The motor torque is up to 80 Ncm and the motor speed range is 400 – 40,000 rpm (20 - 2000 with 20:1 contra-angle).
ATS DENTAL surgical contra-angle handpiece 20:1 with Fiber Optic, is included in the package.
is equipped with “DeLuxe Multifunction Foot Control” covered entirely with synthetic rubber: resistant to any leaking fluid. The rheostatic effect is ensured by means of a specialized «pressure sensor». There are NO mechanical or moving parts.
OMEGA IMPLANT «Plus» is equipped with “Advanced Irrigation Pump”. Easy setup of irrigation tubes - Very ergonomic opening and closing system - Better control of irrigation flow with very constant flow rate - Stable and quiet operations - 3 Flow Rates available:  MIN - MED - MAX.


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