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The ISY + implant is suitable for endosseous implant treatment in the upper and lower jaw and for functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of patients completely or partially edentulous.
ISY + dental Implant is made of commercially pure, cold-worked titanium Grade 4 and features a DAE (dual acid-etched) surface treatment.
ISY + is a bone-level implant, which replicates the natural tooth root and it has excellent self-tapping features.
The ISY + implant is highly versatile thanks to its particular morphology, and obtains excellent results in terms of ease of insertion and primary stability in any bone quality, ranging from cortical bone to the very soft one.
It is particularly suitable for early or immediate positioning after extraction or loss of natural teeth and for implant sites with newly formed bone.
The unique configuration of the threads profile offers, together with the morphology of the implant core and its surgical procedure, in addition to an excellent primary stability, a great BIC (Bone-to-Implant-Contact) value, thus making ISY + the ideal implant for immediate loading procedures in post-extraction implant sites or in area with newly formed bone.

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