Cooling down your mozzarella cheese in Less space!

The automatic cooling group mod. GRDP has the aim to gradually cool and harden all pasta filata cheeses avoiding them to suffer thermal shocks that could affect their final quality. The GRDP vats are built to treat cheeses having higher weights than 25 gr and, upon request and with special modifications, also shapes up to 1 gr. Vats are dimensioned according to the quantity and weight of the cheese to be cooled. The feeding system is built in such a way to allow at the same time both the movement forwards and the rotation of the cheese so that to help its shape keeping and to increase the thermal exchange. Cheese coming out from the moulding machine is introduced into the lower vat where the cooling water circulates at a temperature of 13/14°C. In order to avoid cheese disagreeable deformations, the vat is filled with water in turbulence for keeping the cheese moved. The vat final part is equipped with an extraction belt that discharges the product from the pre-cooling vat to an elevator that transfers the cheeses from the lower vat to the cooling upper one. During this passage the cheese comes in contact with the cooling water that circulates at a temperature included between 2°C and 6°C (according to the use of chilly water or glycol into the heat exchangers). After its passage into the whole cooling vat backwards to the stretching machine, cheese is picked up by an extraction belt and laid into a canal or a closed pipe and here the product is then transferred into water till the packing area.

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