Automatic Systems for curd draining and maturation

This technology is designed for the curd automatic draining and maturation. The system is suitable both for initial maturation technology and direct acidification.

Curd mixed to whey is discharged in 2-3 points of the draining belt connected to the cheese vats discharge by means of special pipes.

Whey is conveyed to the vat bottom while the separated curd is transferred to a plastic net belt where it is further drained thanks to the gravity action and afterwards it is left ripened. According to Client’s needs, curd is left ripen on the belt for different time periods until it reaches the requested stretching pH point.

The maturated curd is automatically cut in blocks and transferred to the stretching-cooking units trough belt, augers or pneumatic devices.


The curd draining and ripening automatic group allows to automate an operation generally carried out using trolleys operated by workers. This offers the possibility to standardize and monitor this delicate production phase, thus drastically reducing the need of manpower.

This system is suitable to drain that dough obtained by a citric and lactic ripening.

Compared to other ripening systems, this type of application does not implies any mechanical stress to the dough structure, thus avoiding to damage process yield. When curd ph has reached the optimal value for the stretching phase, the whole batch is discharged by the action of the plastic net belt which has the double action of curd draining and curd discharge without the need of tools that may press and stress the dough.

The design simplicity, is the base of these ripening systems, and makes possible easy execution of the operations of draining and maturing of the dough in addition to those of important maintenance.

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