The DIMA range of batch steam cookers stretchers and melters represents the best Italian technology in the process of all types of natural pasta filata (mozzarella, pizza-cheese, shredded mozzarella, kashkaval, string-cheese, kasar, provolone …), analogue cheese and food preparation based on steam cooking concept.

Especially designed for cooking, melting and kneading of any type of cheese with direct and indirect steam heating and special construction to reach high quality product and improve the yield.

Its compact design, robust construction, easy use and operation make them the perfect production solution for small, medium and big size dairies.

Thanks to the long term experience of DIMA and multiple proven applications, these systems are the wise choice to process fresh curd, frozen industrial curd (cagliata), vegetable curd (veg curd - caglina) and / or food ingredients and powders.

Capabilities available in standard and customized solutions for cheese production from 50 kg/h up to 2.500 kg/h.

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