The environmental topic and the plastic disposal is an increasingly central debate.

Following the growing priority of environmental awareness, the need to change the way we introduce the products is experiencing a necessary overhaul.
Countless initiatives have been taken by many companies to sort out the single-use packaging issue, both on government and individual level.
The transition to sustainable packaging, at first considered as an ephemeral trend, has now proved to be an urgent necessity.
The perfect response to this changing cultural context is the natural orientation for TECNOSISTEM towards innovation and its careful sensitivity for the much demanding food industry.
The engineering of the most advanced and versatile packaging materials, joined to the deep experience of TECNOSISTEM, an excellent player in design and custom-manufacturing of thermoforming machines, has determined a new packaging concept, with the aim to develop an innovative solution focused to lead its customers into the path of “GREEN philosophy”: a new innovative generation of thermoforming machines exclusively dedicated to paper-based and recyclable materials.

To get a prefect performance of the new paper-based materials [with less aptitude for distension, an anisotropic behavior and a greater tendency to shrink compared to plastic] it is crucial to rely on a tailored project: TECNOSISTEM has dedicated many of its energies into research and development, running simulation tests, developing a new thermoforming concept to improve the performance and the peculiarities of the newest sustainable packaging materials such as:

  • Pre-forming preheating;
  • Release of the moisture in the paper;
  • Geometry of the molds for the definition of the finished package;
  • Impact of thermodynamic actions of thermoforming;
  • Vacuum and gas injection;
  • Die-cutting of finished packages;

All without affecting the normal mechanical protection conditions of the product nor the barrier of the PAPER TRAY.
The tray will adapt to the expected result: thickness, stiffness and geometry of the final packages will be determined during the design process, involving the synergy between expert designers, developers and R&D engineers to achieve the target wanted.
The sustainable solution, does not exclude the benefits of product preservation: this revolutionary application for paper-based materials, ensures gas and water barrier values to preserve the SHELF-LIFE performance such as packaging with traditional materials, specially developed for packaging in MODIFIED ATMOSPHERE or vacuum, in the CHEESE, CURED MEAT and PROCESSED MEAT industry.
The purpose of this path is the achievement of a unique packaging, iconic expression of an innovative brand-identity and fundamental marketing tool as a winning answer in an increasingly eco-sustainable world.

TECNOSISTEM in first row to make your projects real in an always-changing world.

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