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Automatic and highly versatile systems for washing and sanitizing crates and baskets, suitable for all sectors of production and ensuring impeccable washing for any type of crate.

The production range includes cabin or tunnel systems for washing crates, with the possibility of selecting various options: one, two or three tracks, horizontal or vertical.


  • Possibility of washing crates of different shapes and type, including: collapsible, rigid and stackable crates and baskets.
  • Possibility of flexible hourly washing, from just a few pieces up to 10,000 crates/hour.
  • Possibility of simultaneously washing crates of different shapes.
  • The specialized crate washing systems of Colussi Ermes fully satisfy the most severe and rigorous international standards for hygiene (HACCP) and use innovative technologies like, as an example, the Clean in Place (CIP) self-washing program, which preserves and cleans the production lines by removing organic and inorganic contaminants.


  • TAILOR-MADE: the machine is designed, developed and configured for each individual customer, on the basis of their requests and requirements, to obtain maximum energy efficiency.
  • Structure in stainless steel with thick insulated panels to prevent the dispersion of heat produced by the crate washing process. This technology offers a dual function: reduction in energy consumption and noise reduction.
  • Selection of materials responding to extremely high standards (pharmaceutical).
  • Full inspection of the crate washing system possible thanks to a special mechanical system which allows the top part of the tunnel to be raised. This section of the tunnel has no gaskets, ensuring maximum hygiene.
  • High pressure washing to eliminate even the most stubborn residue from the crates
  • Possibility of drying the crates with traditional methods or using the innovative Spin Drying System.

Read more at: https://www.colussiermes.com/prodotto/crate-washers/

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