Tunnel pasteurizer/cooler/warmer

Tunnel pasteurizer/cooler/warmer

The monoblock structures for the smallest systems and the modular configuration designed for the largest installations, can be proposed with different thermal cycles: Pasteurization Tunnel, Cooling Tunnel, Heating Tunnel. The self-bearing structure, which contains the process basins and the distribution piping, is realized in stainless steel, single deck or multi deck for the largest surfaces.

  • The ceilings can be easily removed for the maintenance operations.
  • The inclined basins, together with the rectangular manhole covers and the removable double pre-filters installed to protect the pumps, facilitate the emptying and cleaning operations of the basins themselves and of the circulating pumps.
  • Transport belt in high-resistant synthetic material; at request in stainless steel or of “Walking Beam” type.
  • Registration valves, exchangers, circulating pumps and gear-motors are installed on the external side of the tunnel, to simplify the maintenance operations and the system management.
  • An excellent energy efficiency is ensured through the use of special spray nozzles which require low hydraulic heads, and thanks to the thermal recovery combined to the low quantity of water contained in the inertial basins.
  • PLC integrated with SCADA and TELESERVICE system to select endless production recipes, register the process data and promptly intervene on any anomalies.
  • Automatic control of Pasteurization Unit and Cooling System/Water Management at request.

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