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NAVATTA Turbo-Presses for WASTES processing: humidity and volume reduction

NAVATTA Turbo-Presses for WASTES processing: humidity and volume reduction

In modern factories the WASTES reduction of humidity / volumes discharged from juice / purees refining is a very critical processing activity.

Navatta Group obtains excellent results by the use of the Turbo-Presses, that can recover large quantity of tomato premium juice (or liquid part form fruit processing) from wastes: in tomatoes recovered premium juice can be re-introduced in the production.
Tomato Waste coming out from juice extraction, with inlet humidity of about 80%, in the turbo-press is reduced to 45 - 47%.

Same for fruit processing in this case with the aim to reduce the volumes / pollution of wastes.

Main advantages of Turbo Extractor made by Navatta Group are the following:

  • Possibility to change the distance between screen and rotor by moving the screen itself.
  • REVERSIBILITY of the machine rotation, thus doubling the shelf life of the rotor paddles
  • Best rotor balance with possibility to change the rotating speed by the use of frequency converter.
  • Possibility to change the residence time of the product into the machine.
  • Possibility to change the number of rotor paddles.
  • Very quick screen change over.
  • Easy and fast replacement of single rotor paddles: each paddle is fixed on the rotor and are independent from the other ones.
  • Lubrication of the shaft and ball bearings by oil immersion, thus preserving shelf life and dramatically reducing vibrations.
  • The electric motor is directly flanged to the cast iron joint supporting structure, with direct coupling to the machine shaft.


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