Air-Conditioning Clear Clima®

To guarantee the health of working environments, protect food products inside processing rooms and improve conditions for workers, Standard tech offers sanitizable CLEAR CLIMA® air conditioning systems.

Thanks to these, air is treated to obtain the best thermo-hygrometric conditions possible, not only by controlling the temperature, but also relative humidity, air velocity, filtration, overpressure and quantity of new exchange air taken from outside by a specific semi-absolute independent filtration system.

It is only thanks to the combination of these elements that Standard Tech can guarantee the subdivision of high-risk, high-care and low-care areas, as required by the biggest certifying bodies such as BRC, IFS and ISO Standard.

Air treatment takes place by means of entirely sanitizable UNIGEN-PLUS® treatment units based on construction technology, which differs depending on their location.

The machine housings can be made entirely in stainless steel or totally monocoque gel-coated food grade fiberglass. Specific construction details include: panels internally devoid of sharp edges with widely rounded edges in order to facilitate cleaning operations; internal washing systems by means of special non-blocking rotating heads; heat exchange elements in stainless steel, and direct coupling plug-fan ventilator.

The units can be sanitized with CIP systems owned by the client or through specific washing instrument trolleys. The stainless flooring is built in independent sections sloping towards discharge drains that are flush with the floor.

These can be inspected and are suitable for channelling washing fluids through a drainage system equipped with special siphons that prevent the reflux of any odours.

Based on the kind of installation, the machines are equipped with several filtration sections, and are complete with an air purification system through special UVC lamps suitable for the sanification of food environments.

Air distribution inside the processing rooms takes place through VELO-CE® laser micro perforated ducts that are entirely sanitizable and sized to avoid damaging turbulence, guaranteeing a semi-static distribution speed without affecting the destratification effect in the room.

Connection between the air treatment units and the internal fabric ducts is guaranteed by rigid ducts – which can be inspected- made with monolithic panelling whose internal surface has been treated with an antibacterial and/or self-cleaning covering.

Pressure is not only guaranteed, it can also be controlled and modified directly form the PLC switchboard thanks to a series of motorized shutters with high-sensitivity differential pressure probes.

At the cutting edge in air sanification systems, throughout its company history, Standard Tech has taken a further leap forward by drastically reducing the operating costs of its systems.

The UNIGEN-PLUS® units are now equipped with a special “free-cooling” section, which allows air conditioning using only external air.

Thanks to the CONTROL-TECH 3000® PLC remote assistance system, a new software allows continuous and instant analysis of the external air’s energy conditions, comparing them to the temperature and humidity requirements of the internal spaces in order to limit or stop the contribution of the refrigeration plants and obtain the desired temperature and humidity values.

In addition to the efficient VELO-CE® air distribution system described above and other energy saving devices, this drastically reduces energy consumption by up to 40% per year.

Lastly, the system has a special “washing” function for use during the sanification of rooms at the end of the day.

This particular phase allows rooms to be dried completely and quickly, avoiding the usual and lengthy stagnation of water. The result of all this is a drastic decrease in the bacterial count in the rooms, which is essential for the health of the following day’s processes.


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