Clean rooms

Standard Tech designs and manufactures clean rooms for food processing.

The clean rooms are sized in compliance with ISO 14644-1:2015 and FED STD/209/E standards, they are built with entirely sanitizable ISOSTANDARD® wall panelling and ceilings. Stainless steel doors with special seals guarantee pressure, are equipped with traffic light or interlocked access. Viewing windows are made in material certified for contact with foodstuffs and for food safety in case of impact. The installation, flush with the wall, is guarantee of high hygienic standard.

Heart of the conditioning system is the last generation UNIGEN-PLUS® air handling unit, which guarantees the management of temperature relative humidity, speed of the air and positive pressure degree necessary to prevent the intrusion of potential pollutants from outside.

Based on production line requirements, the air flows are:

  • vertical unidirectional, in which the absolute filters are housed on a hood to concentrate the flow of outgoing clean air, and the air intake grids are located on the low parts of the room.
  • turbulent, in which the sanitized working area is the entire production department, without the air flows being concentrated in a specific work area.

Particular attention regarding the size of a clean room is paid to access by operators and primary packaging materials, which must pass through specific rooms of reduced size fitted with specific air showers, in order to prevent direct access to the clean room.

The control parameters are managed by totally customizable PLCs connected to the CONTROL-TECH 3000® remote assistance network and the air handling units are equipped with sensors to detect filter clogging, which promptly indicate when they have to be replaced.


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