ICF & Welko manufactures a special equipment designed for the instantizing of food mixtures, which allows to obtain agglomerated finished products with “instant” features.
This equipment uses steam in the process, giving the product greater flowability and transport and ensuring reproducible lots for filling and tablet pressing machines.


  • Designed for continuous production
  • Agglomerates with open-pore structure: liquid absorption, immediate dispersion
  • Better product flowability and transport
  • More regular batching and filling of packing machines and tablet presses
  • Substantial drop in specific weight

End products

Sugar-based mixtures (with cocoa, cocoa-milk, coffee or substitutes), milk-coffee
Tea and chamomile extracts
Skimmed milk and soy milk, non-dairy creamer
Fruit jellies, flavours, soft drinks, aspartame, maltodextrins, sodium glutamate
Proteins, saline sport drinks, dietetic products
Puddings, creams for confectionery, chocolate or vanilla mousse

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