Spray drying is the process whereby powders are produced by means of water evaporation, and is applied to solutions, suspensions or emulsions.
Spray drying allows to obtain powders or small agglomerates with well-defined and constant features (humidity, grain-size distribution, density).
Depending on the spraying system, the operating parameters and the type of dryer, powders with different specifications can be obtained.
A spray drying system ensures the best performance when it is designed specifically for the features of the product to be dried. With over 50 years of experience, we are able to design the best solution in terms of efficiency, flexibility and energy saving.
Our spray dryers can be equipped with rotary disk, pressure nozzles and double-fluid nozzles, and we also supply single or multistage systems with integrated and external fluidized bed, with a complete line able to cover a broad spectrum of applications


  • Can be designed for any capacity required by customer
  • Feed speed from just a few pounds to over 100 tons/hour
  • Continuous and adaptable operation, with high degree of automation
  • Ability to process both heat-resistant products and with heat-sensitive products
  • Spray drying solutions can be equipped with integrated loop fluidized bed, turbine spray drier, indirect heat exchanger, external fluidized bed and dedusting system by scrubber or bag filter

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