Tropical Food is the global leader regarding the manufacture of pineapple extraction machinery. After a pre-treatment section where the fruit is sorted, washed and brushed, the fruit is taken to the extractor Atena, which is coupled with the preheater Ebe and the press Afrodite to obtain a very high yield of premium pineapple juice. The juice extracted by these machines is a first quality juice because our technology avoids contact between the pulp and the skin of pineapple. As per our other processing lines, even the pineapple extraction line can be completed with other machinery designed and manufactured by us: evaporator, aseptic sterilizer, aseptic filling machine. Specific pineapple processing machinery such as the extractor Atena and the press Afrodite can be easily added to pre-existing multifruit processing line in order to widen the production range.

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