The Telescopic Filler, reaches 1200 cpm (containers per minute) and is able to fill a wide range of solid products, such as, vegetables, meat, fruit and powder products, handling numerous types of rigid container, like cans and glass or plastic cups etc.

The Telescopic Filler is also available in the Vibrating Cone version, to allow an easy transfer of the product into the container by a vibratory motion. This technique is usually employed in the case of particularly complex containers or products.

To complete the range of Telescopic Fillers, there is a Semi-Telescopic model, that is divided into fixed or vibrating bushing versions, in the former, the product is dosed directly into the container, whereas as in the latter version the vibrating bushing assists the product settlement in the container, a perfect combination to fill extremely complex products into difficult containers.

The Telescopic Filler theory is also exploited in the Multifiller, to allow the dosage of multiple products in up to 5 filling stations. In fact, the Multifiller can fill up to 5 different products into rigid containers, for example fruit cocktail in plastic or glass cups or mixed vegetables in glass jars and cans.

The Telescopic filling technology is also suited to all granular or powder products, such as milk or chocolate.

A tamping device is also available on option, to guarantee the best filling accuracy in the case of difficult products that are normally filled only by hand.


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