BlancOne ® ULTRA

Powerful & Safe

Concentration Hydrogen Peroxide 29%

Classification: Medical

Application: 4-6 cycles x 5’

Typical improvement: 8+ shades

Repetition: 12-24 months

Thanks to BlancOne® ULTRA dentist can offer his patients an exclusive whitening treatment with a unique technology. Thanks to its photodynamic technology, ULTRA breaks down the hydrogen peroxide in a few seconds developing singlet oxygen, a highly effective form of atomic oxygen. Thanks to its fast action BlancOne® ULTRA treatment:


·         guarantees NON-aggressive whitening

·         doesn’t increase temperature in the pulp chamber

·         doesn’t dehydrate the enamel

·         doesn’t contain desensitising agents

Thanks to its qualities, BlancOne ULTRA immediately results in a natural and stable shade of white, lasting in time.

BlancOne® ULTRA is a medical treatment suitable for the most difficult situations, such as teeth stained by tetracycline or subject to endodontic therapy. Before activating the gel, with 29% hydrogen peroxide, the gingival barrier is positioned.

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