BlancOne ® CLICK

Post hygiene quick in-office bleaching - CP16% (HP 5,6%)

Fast & Light

Concentration: Carbamide Peroxide 16% (HP5.6%)

Classification: Cosmetic

Application: 1 cycle x 10’

Typical improvement: 4 shades

Suggested repetition: 1-3 months

A whiter smile in only 10 minutes without sensitivity and immediately visible results is possible today thanks to BlancOne® CLICK and at a price truly affordable for all!

·         Without gingival barriers thanks to the low percentage of peroxide and short contact times.

·         A ten minutes cycle with photo activation is sufficient even after the oral hygiene session.

·         The results are immediately visible.

·         It can be applied both in case of slight bleeding and exposed tooth necks.

·         Thanks to all the above features, is easy to repeat even every month.

BlancOne® CLICK can be easily offered to all patients, especially at the end of the oral hygiene session.

Concerning BlancOne CLICK the procedure is very easy: application – photoactivation – removal of the active gel. The gel is two-component (base and activator) and once mixed, without gingival barriers, it is easily applied on the gums thanks to its consistency, adherence and contrast colour. The gel is photoactivated thanks to the whitening lamp BlancOne ARCUS or equivalent and the process is truly fast with immediately visible results.

Once witnessed the results and comfort of the treatment, it will be easy to recommend a more intensive one, in office or at home, to increase and prolong the effectiveness of the fast treatment.

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