Imparo is a dental simulator designed to replicate the spatial dynamics of a real dental practice.

Ergonomics is a fundamental factor during the training process in order to teach the right skills to the students and let them practice with the correct positions and movements to achieve success.

Providing the chance to learn from the start the correct position, Imparo helps maintaining an healthy posture, preventing lumbar diseases.


Imparo is an essential tool that helps students during their way from Univerities to Clinics. Practicing with Imparo reduces training period and fosters confidence in movements and in the operating procedures.

You can also enrich the training showing videos and other didactical materials through the monitor mounted on each Imparo unit to help your students .


- solid structure that guarantees an optimal stability.

- high quality of all the components to ensure a long life-time

- it can be easily customized based on a wide range of needs, thanks to

its versatile design.

- you can install all kind of phantoms and the configuration is very easy.

- it is equipped with a control keyboard, that allows you to control precisely and

quickly the position and movements of the phantom.

- it enables students to work in an ergonomic position during the different


- its compact dimensions make it flexible and suitable also in small spaces.

- easy to maintain

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