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Prosciutto Cotto Il Mulino

A tasty cooked ham in line with the most modern dietary trends, with a high protein content and a fat content of less than 5%.

-          Size: 4,1 kg

-          Less than 5% fat content

-          Gluten free; No MSG; Lactose and dairy free; No added polyphosphates; Natural flavourings

Veroni cooked hams stand out for the meat that is carefully selected and processed according to a production process that follows the strictest parameters of food safety and respects food trends. Produced with herbs or “natural” flavourings, made with high quality, selected meat, cooked, steamed, baked or roasted, Veroni cooked hams satisfy all tastes thanks also to the particular “Italian style” cooking: the use of a mould allows for weight loss so that the salt content and excess “low-melting” fat can be expelled and thus it is possible to obtain a product of higher quality, with a softer texture and more intense flavour.

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